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Wild Bird Accessories not only carries all the essential wild bird supplies, but we also feature accessories like bird cameras, baffles & bird callers.
Model: lzjyel6k
Product Summary: 15' Telescoping Mounting Pole Quality Craftsmanship, Lifetime ValueThis martin house pole is meant to be used for all Heath Martin Houses. This pole has three sections and extends to 15 feet. Once extended, the patented easy-key lock fastening system locks each section in place. Thi..
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Model: 65y5zong
Product Summary: Classic Pedestal, Tall with AugerQuality Craftsmanship A moderately priced display pedestal at nearly 60 inches in height. Intended to support the medium sized birdhouses that command a Pedestal. The optional screw-in auger allows the owner to secure the pedestal into the ground. Co..
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Model: ppu18421
Product Summary: Hummingbirds Puzzle Fun And Educational The beautiful colors of this puzzle bring the hummingbirds to life right before your eyes.  This jigsaw puzzle features Hummingbirds from around the world.  Created by Artist Ernest Brown Finished Size 24 x 30 Contains 1000 Pieces Made in USA ..
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Model: hswfh8x8
Product Summary: Novelty Pedestal With AugerSpecially Designed for Home Bazaar Homes Like our Novelty Pedestal, this sturdy base will accommodate a number of medium and small birdhouses including the Wrension, Hobbit House , Cape Cod, Honeymoon Cottage and any Home Bazaar house that comes with a mou..
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Model: 9qoha3j2
Product Summary: Quad Pod System Pole A Perfect Place To Call HomeThe Quad Pod Purple Martin House Package includes everything you need to bring purple martins into your backyard birding sanctuary. Designed by Purple Martin enthusiasts, the stackable Quad Pod System provides 90-degree privacy and ex..
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Model: bx0bvmkp
Product Summary: Raptor Binoculars Great gift for the nature enthusiast! There's no better value in binoculars than a pair of quality porro prisms. These binoculars take porro prism performance to a whole new level with a mid-size, wide-angle design featuring waterproof, fog proof construction and f..
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Model: 3gzmn03v
Product Summary: Songbird Magnet Electronic Bird Caller Bring The Birds Directly To You Calls beautiful and melodious Eastern Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, House Wrens, House Finches, American Goldfinches and Indigo Buntings. The Magnet reproduces the charming songs of these choosy species, assuring..
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