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Bird Houses

Combine beauty & functionality with one of's bird houses today! Choose from wooden bird houses, Victorian bird houses & more.
Model: b29ugtw3
Product Summary: Bastion BirdhouseThis beautiful Bastion Birdhouse is designed to be a wonderful and durable addition to your outdoor settings. Love birds? If yes, then with our collection of beautiful bird houses, the bird are sure going to love you back! This range features an assortment of bird h..
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Model: vi9p7s4k
Product Summary: Bungalow BirdhouseQuality Craftsmanship Straight from the “Pasadena” area, this simple Bungalow style features a large dormer at the center front on the roof line. The pale gray house with a combination green “tile” pine shingled roof add to the authenticity of this classic “Cape” d..
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Model: 79v0wgm9
Product Summary: Cape Cod Cottage Birdhouse with BracketQuality Craftsmanship A charming cottage for your feathered friends, this fully functional birdhouse is designed to accommodate common cavity dwellers. A decorative bracket lends further beauty (see alternate image). It is finely constructed of..
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Model: nh2dz0sn
Product Summary: Cast Aluminum Stepping Stone HummingbirdThe Stepping Stone Hummingbird is a wonderful accent for any back yard patio or garden setting. Offering a blend of functionality and beauty, it is constructed of rust-free cast aluminum. This stepping stones feature a hardened powder coat fin..
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Model: 1j38gfbe
Product Summary: Chalet BirdhouseQuality Craftsmanship This two-story birdhouse features a pine shingled roof and window and door molding details. A removable back wall, drainage, ventilation, an unpainted interior and a 1 hole size will invite nesting birds in and keep larger ones out. House can be..
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Model: bkpz8xgj
Product Summary: Chapel Bell BirdhouseQuality Craftsmanship High atop the Triple deck is an adorable little bell that can chime each time the birds return to the nest. Stained glass windows and a pine shingled roof make this new style one our more whimsical creations to date. A removable back wall f..
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Model: 7a0wys50
Product Summary: Clubhouse BirdhouseQuality Craftsmanship Re-creation of one of the most famous sites in golf. This Southern Plantation design has balconies all around the four sides and two separate nest boxes. Birding parents will enjoy nesting in this functional birdhouse while their mates go out..
Ex Tax:$170.99
Model: x9pthmqo
Product Summary: Cuckoo Cottage Birdhouse for BluebirdsUncommon Charm This intricately carved birdhouse will delight your cavity dwellers. Constructed of kiln-dried hardwood and a non-toxic outdoor paint. The back wall is removable for easy cleaning. Mounting hardware included. 14.5"L X 7.5" W X 12..
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Model: 5wssu641
Product Summary: Deluxe Cedar Purple Martin House This 12 compartments deluxe house is as functional as it is attractive!  Cedar Construction. Fastened together with screws and floors made from masonite make this house strong and durable.   It weathers beautifully and come complete with it's own mou..
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Model: 0aokqefl
Product Summary: Gingerbread Cottage with BracketQuality Craftsmanship This classic Victorian styled birdhouse is a perennial best-seller. It's topped with pine shingles and has a removable back wall for easy cleaning. A front arch will provide a perfect perch for the incoming and outgoing residents..
Ex Tax:$124.99
Model: a8qpv96n
Product Summary:  Barns into Birdhouses® Heart & Eagle Baroque Birdhouse Exemplifying finesse and perfection, this Baroque Birdhouse lends a look of grandiose to your garden with its stunning design. The antique baroque style patterns adorning the birdhouse box transform the design to a work of art ..
Ex Tax:$407.40
Model: 0d5g96y7
Product Summary:  Barns into Birdhouses® Heart & Eagle Victorian Bluebird Letterbox Birdhouse Carefully designed to match different outdoor settings, the Victorian Bluebird Letterbox Birdhouse is sure to garner attention. Flaunting neat, clean lines, this birdhouse is expertly designed from century ..
Ex Tax:$379.00
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