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Zzzs Suede Ferret Hammock

Zzzs Suede Ferret Hammock
Zzzs Suede Ferret Hammock
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Product Summary:

Zzz's Suede Hammock

With a simple design and super soft fabric, Zzz’s Suede Hammock provides a wonderful resting spot, inside or out of the cage. The smart, elevated design is space-saving, lots of fun for climbing, and incredibly comfortable, too.

Attaches to cage with 4 clips
Use inside or outside the cage
Space saving, elevated design
Great for climbing and play, promoting exercise, and reducing cage stress
Soft swinging motion lulls your pet to sleep
Perfect for ferrets that like to stretch out when they rest
Soft, pastel shades
Hand wash and air dry
Item Specifications:

16"L x 13"W


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