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Perches, Ladders, Swings

Perches, swings & ladders…oh my! has everything you need to enhance your bird's enjoyment inside its cage & out!
Model: mg6ozozm
Product Summary: Happy Beaks Rope Bird Swing With Blocks This Rope Swing makes a great perch as well as a swing. It will keep your bird busy for hours playing and swinging. The sides of the swing feature wood blocks and leather for chewing and plucking. It easily attaches to any cage and makes a gre..
Ex Tax:$49.24
Model: peeq0g31
Product Summary: JW Pet Insight Sand Bird Perch This Insight Sand Bird Perch can be attached anywhere inside your bird's cage, making a very versatile piece to any cage. It is also wider at the base and more slender towards the end for added comfort for you bird to stand on. This Perch is made with ..
Ex Tax:$4.99
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