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Model: rdpyub2c
Product Summary: Cosmic Catnip™ 24 Karat Catnip Filled Cat ToyStuffed with strong, aromatic 100% Genuine Cosmic Catnip, the Cosmic Catnip™ 24 Karat Cat Toy is a fun, carrot-shaped toy featuring feathered greens on the end. Your cat will love rubbing, licking, and rolling on it!Features: Cute carrot ..
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Model: xhg5ijmw
Product Summary: Cosmic Catnip BundleThis three-piece bundle is a perfect gift for even the most finicky feline! Your cat will love rubbing, licking and rolling on the 24 Karat Toy. The Alpine Cardboard Cat Scratcher will help alleviate boredom and the destructive behavior that comes from it. Use th..
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Model: inlufbaj
Product Summary: Cosmic Catnip™ Hot Stuff Catnip Pepper Cat ToyThe Cosmic Catnip™ Hot Stuff Catnip Pepper Cat Toy is a fun, hot pepper-shaped cat toy that’s stuffed to the stem with strong, aromatic, 100% genuine Cosmic Catnip that’s guaranteed to drive your cat wild. Your cat will love rubbing, lic..
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Model: 2vwg07zz
Product Summary: Genuine Cosmic Catnip™Cosmic Catnip™ is a 100% natural herb that stimulates a harmless, playful reaction in cats. Cosmic Catnip is grown to be the strongest and most aromatic catnip on the market, guaranteed to drive your cat wild! Sprinkle on all of your cat’s favorite toys, scratc..
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Model: q66f9e9f
Product Summary: Kitty Hoots Big Mama’s Scratchy BoxYour pet will love the Kitty Hoots Big Mama's Scratchy Box. The genuine Scratch-n-Sniff experience will prove to be a delightful affair. This box comes with a free cat toy and it contains the Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic. A reversible ca..
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Model: hipnu6zt
Product Summary: KONG Active Curlz Assorted 2 Pack Cat ToyThe KONG Active Curlz Assorted 2 Pack Cat Toy will provide tons of fun.  The springy spiral design will spark hunting instincts.  The corkscrew shape if perfect for unpredictable batting fun.  It is lightweight for catch and chase playtime.  ..
Ex Tax:$5.44
Model: 5k87qaq1
Product Summary: KONG Active Yarnimals Cat ToyThe KONG Active Yarnimals Cat Toy is a fun addition to playtime. The roly-poly shape makes it perfect for batting fun. The reinforced yarn provides a soft plush surface that will extend cuddle time. A rattle inside entices active play sessions. And it al..
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Model: rhthpl27
Product Summary: KONG Bat A Bout Flicker Disco Cat Toy KONG Bat-A-Bout Flicker Disco ball’s multi-colored lights pique a cat’s catch and grab instincts. The motion-activated, unpredictable movement triggers hunting and stalking fun, keeping engagement high. The easy to roll ball extends playtime and..
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Model: uiq9kdnb
Product Summary: KONG Bat A Bout Spiral Cat Toy KONG Bat-A-Bout Spiral’s unique spiral shape sparks cats’ chasing instincts. The dynamic motion and jingle sounds extend the action by enticing bat and pounce play. Adding to the engagement is a glow-in-the dark feature for nighttime fun and catnip bal..
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Model: 1f2g0rkj
Product Summary: KONG Better Buzz Banana Assorted Cat Toy The KONG Better Buzz Bananas cat toy unpeels the fun with a shape that is ideal for hind-paw kicking and comes fully loaded with potent KONG Premium North American Catnip that helps fuel playtime engagement. The mesh material and crackle soun..
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Model: cv5rk7n6
Product Summary: KONG Better Buzz Bee Cat ToyThe KONG Better Buzz Bee Cat Toy will be your cat's go to toy.  It is an ideal size for batting and will satisfy natural hunting instincts.  The wings crackle and spark interest.  It is packed with KONG North American Premium Catnip, which will make it ev..
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Model: zd6rx3qh
Product Summary: KONG Better Buzz Gecko Cat ToyKONG Better Buzz Gecko’s lizard shape is a cat favorite, launching hunting instincts into pounce and capture play. Packed with potent KONG North American Premium Catnip, this gecko has crackling, shiny fabric and rattle to keep kitties intrigued.Feature..
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