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Model: 2zvofb58
Product Summary: Andis AG 2-Speed+ Detachable #10 Blade ClipperA heavy-duty two-speed motor gives the Andis® AG 2 extra power while also providing a fast, smoother clipper cut. The extremely quiet, powerful rotary motor is maintenance-free and designed for years of reliable use, with a high speed th..
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Model: 11h9jvlg
Product Summary: Andis AGC 2-Speed Dog Clippers with #10 BladeA heavy-duty motor gives the Andis® AGC 2-Speed Dog Clipper extra power while also providing a fast, smoother clipper cut. The high speed is 25% faster than single speed dog clippers. The lightweight, ergonomic handpiece features a break-..
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Model: 5hxlwaji
Product Summary: Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper With T-84 BladeThis professional two-speed clipper provides quick and efficient cutting with its cool and quiet motor and T-84 blade included. A shatter-proof housing and a 14-foot heavy-duty cord make it a rugged tool for daily use. Perfect for block..
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Model: urc0zott
Product Summary: Andis® AGC Super Two Speed Clipper With #10 BladeThis heavy-duty clipper is specifically designed for the needs of livestock grooming. Its detachable blades remove easily for convenient change-out and cleaning. Add a shatter-proof housing, quiet and cool operation, and a maintenance..
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Model: m9o1al2t
Product Summary: Andis® Blade Care Plus™ 16 oz Spray Andis® Blade Care Plus™ Spray is formulated for use by Groomers and Veterinarians. It washes away hair, buildup and preservatives that accumulate on clipper blades. The Andis Blade Care Plus leaves blades clean, lubricated and cool for optimal per..
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Model: mn2eq83r
Product Summary: Andis® Blade Clipper Oil Andis® Clipper Oil is specially formulated to keep clipper blades both clean and lubricated. Apply regularly to teeth and bearing surfaces of blades to help maximize clipper performance and ensure longer blade life. Clipper Oil should also be applied after t..
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Model: mgwh5ol0
Product Summary: Andis Blade Drive Assembly The Andis Blade Drive Assembly is a replacement for AG, AGR and 2 Speed Clippers.  It is the clear plastic frame with a black lever that moves the blade back and forth.  It should be replaced when the blades are not longer cutting sharply. ..
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Model: 33wjskk5
Product Summary:  Andis CeramicEdge Pet Clipper Blades The Andis® CeramicEdgeTM Clipper Blades are engineered with advanced technology and the certified Zicronium Oxide Ceramic that Andis® uses on their ceramic cutters makes these more durable than other imported ceramic clipper blades. The low heat..
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Model: naiu0l5c
Product Summary: Andis® Cool Care Plus™ Aerosol Spray With SureGrip™ Can Andis® Cool Care Plus™ Spray ensures maximum clipper performance by keeping blades sharper, longer. It delivers clean, cool, lubricated blades in one easy step, without even removing them from the clipper. The high-pressure com..
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Model: ri75rwgy
Product Summary: Andis Cord/Cordless Pet Nail GrinderThe Andis Cord/Cordless Pet Nail Grinder has a lightweight and ergonomic design that is great for small or large pets. There are two speeds, normal and turbo, to quickly trim your pet's nails. The whisper-quiet operation won't scare pets. The rech..
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Model: g0jw0ksd
Product Summary: Andis Dematting ToolThe Andis Dematting Tool features blades that are specially designed and shaped for optimal cutting effect. It will remove tangles, mats, knots, and leave skin and coat in a healthy state. The tool is lightweight and fatigue-free, which is perfect for groomers wi..
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Model: jjcyez5i
Product Summary: Andis Dog Deshedding ToolThis Deshedding Tool has been specifically designed to groom the undercoat of your dog while maintaining a smooth and topcoat. This tool is perfect for any groomer or pet owners that have hairy dogs or dogs prone to shedding. The easy-grip, anti-slip handle ..
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