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Help your dog live in style with dog houses from Shop heated dog houses, wooden dog houses & more.
Model: nok63t2h
Product Summary: Iconic Pet Cozy Camp Tent Pet HouseThe Cozy Camp Tent is the perfect retreat for your four-legged friend, whether at home, camping, or even on a relaxing weekend getaway. It is easy to carry as it comes with a storage bag for easy transportation, and can be set up in minutes. It is ..
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Model: 0a91cwei
Product Summary: New Age Pet® ecoChoice™ Rustic Lodge-Style Dog HouseThe New Age Pet® ecoChoice™ Insulated Rustic Lodge Style Dog House features a flat roof and a side door – perfect for pets that prefer to rest away from the door and/or like to sit on top of their house. It's designed with your pet..
Ex Tax:$330.99
Model: 3848t3z3
Product Summary: New Age Pet ecoFLEX Outdoor Dog House: Bunkhouse StyleThe ecoFLEX Bunk House Dog House from New Age Pet is an ideal home for your pet. It's designed with your pet's health in mind: well ventilated, easy to clean, raised floors, and step-in design. It's also maintenance-free with has..
Ex Tax:$411.99
Model: 868qkoo2
Product Summary: New Age Pet ecoFLEX ThermoCore Dog HouseThe New Age Pet ecoFLEX ThermoCore Dog House provides extreme insulation from hot and cold weather. Made with ecoFLEX, a material comprised of post-consumer recycled polymers and wood fibers, this is a truly green product in the outdoor dog ho..
Ex Tax:$682.99
Model: dxbju1jc
Product Summary: Precision Pet Outback Dog House Door The Precision Pet® Outback Dog™ House Door is a perfect accessory to any Precision Pet Outback Dog House.* It features heavy-duty, plastic flaps that are easily removed to adjust to any door width, providing additional protection the cold weather..
Ex Tax:$34.39
Model: xakdwuob
Product Summary: The Barn Dog HouseThis beautiful cedar barn house was designed with the outdoor pet in mind. Your dog is sure to enjoy the security and comfort of its enclosed, den-like sleeping area with its watertight roof that provides shelter from sun, rain or snow. The elevated floor surface r..
Ex Tax:$420.24
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