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Litter Cleanup

Clean up after your ferret with's selection of ferret litter & cleanup products. Shop for ferret litter pans, litter boxes & more!
Model: f28qsk9g
Product Summary: Kaytee Clean Cage Habitat Deodorizer SpraySmall animals need special care to lead happy and healthy lives. Keeping cages clean is an important part of the commitment to proper care of your pet. Clean Cage is a non-toxic cage cleaner and deodorizer that contains a unique combination ..
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Model: r3q71wol
Product Summary: Kaytee Critter LitterSpecially formulated and super absorbent, Critter Litter is a premium-quality potty training litter for ferrets, rabbits, and other small animals. Made from clay formed volcanic ash, it provides an optimal solution for litter pan training. Critter Litter absorbs..
Ex Tax:$12.59
Model: 4ivpbpo3
Product Summary: Super Pet Litter Pans Small animals can be litter trained! Super Pet's Litter Pans are designed specifically with small animals and ferrets in mind. The Hi-Corner pans accommodate messy back-ups, the Hi-Bac Litter Pan features a pet-friendly low entry design making it easy for pets ..
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Model: wovsgxpw
Product Summary: Tall Corner Locking Litter Pan The Tall Corner Litter Pan features a quick release lock for secure attachment. Simply attach the litter pan to any wire cage to secure it in place. The low front entry makes it easy for pets to get inside and out. The tall backside makes this litter p..
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Model: hldxqbs7
Product Summary: Marshall Ferret LitterMarshall Ferret Litter is designed for ferrets. Unlike cat litters, Marshall Ferret Litter is dust-free for sensitive respiratory systems and has incredible absorbency and odor control to accommodate ferrets’ frequent use of the litter pan. This litter is also ..
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Model: l2s82tdg
Product Summary: Marshall Litter Pan For FerretsHigh Back Litter PanThe Marshall High-Back Litter Pan is ergonomically designed for the unique habits of ferrets and integrates the best features of regular and corner pans. A low profile front opening and high corners are tall enough to catch ferrets ..
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Model: t3ao6ymd
Product Summary: Moderna Pet's Corner Ferret LitterboxFerrets instinctively relieve themselves in corners. This litter pan fits in the corner of most cages to help keep it clean.Features: Functionality keeps surrounding area clean and sanitary Ideal for ferrets and other small animals Made of premiu..
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Model: on6t7pw4
Product Summary: Petmate Litter SweeperPerfect for cleaning up quick spills, this handheld broom and dust pan will help keep your litter pan area clean. The brush fits perfectly into the dust pan for easy and secure storage. Notched handles make it great for hanging up after use.Features: Perfect fo..
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Model: 902huzj8
Product Summary: PetSafe Disposable Litter BoxThe PetSafe® Disposable Litter Box is made of durable corrugated cardboard. This compact litter box easily pops up and folds back down for travel convenience. It comes with a bag of crystal litter, which absorbs urine and dries solid waste for five times..
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Model: qoxh2aaw
Product Summary: Prevue Corner Litter PanPerfect for rabbits and ferrets, this Corner Litter Pan has a high guard area to keep messes inside the cage and pan. It features a low cut-away area so your pet can easily access the pan. It is made of highly durable impact molded plastic, and is very easy t..
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Model: 1r1hn9oa
Product Summary: Refined Feline Litter CatchThe Refined Feline Litter Catch is made to accompany the large and extra large Refined Litter Box. Made of solid wood, the slotted design catches litter as a cat exits the litter box. You can easily empty it by simply holding the catch over a litter pan an..
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Model: 9j44mgeo
Product Summary: Refined Feline Refined Litter BoxThe Refined Feline Refined Litter Box is a sturdy and functional way to keep your unsightly, odorous cat litter tray out of sight. This beautiful wood cabinet will easily match your home's décor, while providing privacy to your cat at the same time. ..
Ex Tax:$244.43
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