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Sleepers Hideouts

Are you looking for ferret hammocks, sleepers or hideouts? has you and your ferret covered with a great selection of ferret beds!
Model: sunoztzh
Product Summary: Armarkat® Velvet Bolster Pet BedThis partially enclosed nook offers a comforting feeling of security, with an overstuffed pillow and padded bolsters. Lined in smooth, luscious velvet, the cushion reverses to canvas for year-round comfort.Features: Waterproof base is skid-free for st..
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Model: c9987qxx
Product Summary: Ferret Nation Busybody Ferret BlanketYour adventurous little friend will love the Busybody Blanket. It’s everything a favorite blankie should be: extra soft, big, and cozy, with all the trimmings to keep your fuzzy playfully exploring for hours.Features: Attached pompons for batting..
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Model: r8xo04nx
Product Summary: Ferret Nation Cozy CubeGive your fuzzy his own personal hideout! The Ferret Nation Cozy Cube is a great place to curl up, peek-a-boo, or check out the everyday goings-on at home. Perfect for more curious critters!Features: Offers a private, dark spot to rest and den-like security fo..
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Model: 96p5dnas
Product Summary: Ferret Nation Ferret HammockFerrets tend to sleep a lot, and they also love to hide and rest in comfortable areas. Satisfy both of these natural instincts for your ferret with the Ferret Nation Ferret Hammock. It's incredibly easy to install, and it even features a dual pocket desig..
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Model: 0kuv01kw
Product Summary: Super Pet Simple SleeperThe Super Pet Simple Sleeper line defines the term “Critter Comfort”. Made with breathable, natural cotton, these basic sleepers are all your ferret needs for a sweet, cozy snooze after a hard day’s play. Select the Hammock, Cozy Hammock with sherpa fleece li..
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Model: d99gtth3
Product Summary: Super Sleeper Sleep-E-TentA comfortable campout for your critters, the Sleep-E-Tent is a super-soft slumber spot with fluffy fleece. It easily attaches inside any wire home to provide additional layers of living space. When zippered, Sleep-E-Tent is a cozy hanging tent-shaped hide-o..
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Model: 1wahdv46
Product Summary: Kaytee Super Sleeper Fuzz-E-Floor Ferret BedThe Super Sleeper Fuzz-E-Floor will turn your ferret's cage into a cozy home. Use it to line the floor, or clip to the corners at the top of the cage to create a spacious, comfortable hammock that’s large enough for a group of furry friend..
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Model: u45nobqg
Product Summary: Marshall 2-in-1 Ferret BedWith a charming, striped pattern and extra soft fleece construction, the Marshall 2-in-1 bed looks almost as great as it feels. Suspend it from the cage or remove the straps and place it on any flat surface – this versatile bed works anywhere.Features: Appr..
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Model: y8owplk4
Product Summary: Marshall Camo Krankle Ferret Sleep SackThe Marshall Camo Krankle Ferret Sleep Sack gives your ferret an adorable sleep and play area. Made of plush fabric for extra comfort, it features camo krackle flower petals and a soft fleece sleep area in the center.Item Specifications:Dimensi..
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Model: rc4h60sx
Product Summary: Marshall Designer Fleece BlanketWrap your ferret in warmth! The Marshall Designer Fleece Blanket is perfect for both in and outside your ferret's cage. Let your fuzzy play and hide in the blanket, or snuggle up in it for naptime.Features: Can be washed on cold and air dried Lay down..
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Model: jp7fwnyn
Product Summary: Marshall Ferret Banana HammockYour ferret will go truly bananas for this riot playsack/hammock by Marshall. Made from the softest, coziest fleece, it installs in a snap for a swingin’ good time. Whether it’s peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, or “Hey! Watch this!”, the Banana Hammock is bui..
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Model: op09uw2l
Product Summary: Marshall Hanging Ferret Nap SackWhether you’ve got one ferret or a fuzzy little business, the roomy Hanging Ferret Nap Sack gives everyone a place to hang out. Constructed with a soft cover built right in, it suspends from the cage like a cozy sleeping bag. Perfect for hide-and-seek..
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